Interbloc® is a unique modular wall system. At the heart of the Interbloc® system is a proprietary interlocking concrete block. The Interbloc® modular wall system provides the flexibility of bricks and the speed of precast construction.


Commercial Bulk Storage

Bulk storage solutions for Refuse, Recycling, Landscaping, Quarry, Scrap Metal, Fertiliser Industries


Agricultural Storage

Fertilizer, Grain, Seed Storage, Agricultural Bulk Bins, Drying Storage, Dry Goods Storage


Custom Solutions

On Buildings / Sheds, Sediment Ponds, Waste Water Ponds, Seawalls, Blast Walls, Safety, Barriers, Preloading Weights


Interbloc Standard Block

Standard Block Sizes:
600 Series: 1200 x 600 x 600
400 Series: 800 x 400 x 400




Interbloc® simple, effective interlocking design ensures the blocks lock together with ease. Build upwards of 140m2 per day, labour efficient and lower material costs.



The solid, vibrated concrete Interbloc® blocks are flexible without compromising durability. Once stacked, the structure acts as a permanent structure, yet it can be easily and quickly moved or reconfigured.



Interbloc® is a fully engineered modular wall system.



Each block has a unique serial number which can be used to trace the concrete back to the original ready mix delivery docket.


How much does each block weigh?

The 1200 series weighs 1000kg, the 1800 Series weighs 1500kg and the 600 Series weighs 500kg.

What can I use to lift blocks?

You can use most types of machinery such as a hoist, digger or excavator etc capable of lifting up to 1500kg to required height.

Do I need a building consent?

A lot of structures over 1.5m high may require consent so check with your local authorities if you have any concerns.

Will I need an engineered design?

Depends on the structure you are looking to build, we have contacts should you require assistance and we have an engineers manual which you can also provide to your own engineer to help if required. If the structure is a basic wall or bin etc then we can supply a laying plan to assist you with the installation.

Do you provide installation services?

We can put you in contact with contractors familiar with installing our system if required.

Can I reinforce blocks with Rebar?

Yes you can, the blocks have vertical 60mm diameter holes at 600mm centers which gives you the option to reinforce into a concrete footing at either 600 or 1200 centers, bar size depends on surcharges and wall height or what an engineer may specify.

What is the strength of your blocks?

The blocks are generally a minimum of 20Mpa but each block is tested for strength and recorded so if a higher Mpa is required then we can supply to suit.

Can you supply second grade blocks?

If stock is available at the time of inquiry then yes we can but we will need to know what you are building before we can suggest if these would be suitable or not.

Do you hire out blocks?

Unfortunately we do not. However we can help resell the blocks when you no longer require them.


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