Commercial Bulk Storage

Safe, Durable and Easy to Build

Bulk storage is an ideal use for Interbloc's modular wall system.
Its unique features provide safe, durable bulk storage that is fast and easy to build.

Interbloc's concrete blocks have a unique interlocking design, providing a stable structure. Its shear strength create tough walls that can stand the load of bulk material. This strength and stability can be extended with reinforcement using threadbars.

The lego-like quality of the blocks means it can easily be stacked and taken down. It lets you build a storage that is suitable to your needs, with the option to modify it if ever your needs change.

Interbloc's modular wall system is suitable for storage of all sorts of bulk materials such as:

 Landscaping Materials
 Wood Chips
 Quarry Aggregate
Scrap metal
Refuse / Waste